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Published 06-02-15 on 03:11


House Danang land market bustles than the other housing market in part because the potential location of Danang also partly thanks to professional, dedication and work effectively, plan of the center, housing services company in Da Nang.

When customers come to firm specializing in real estate services Danang you will feel secure with the service by not having to worry about problem such as the price shouted of "stork" you often see.

Now, Da Nang strongly developed services, many companies specialize in providing real estate services and activities launched extremely effective as: VRM Communications Joint-stock Company. Although the new company, born late in comparison with other real estate companies,but active effective, professional and has established its position in the market. To say that that time is not as important in the professional, the work plan and work efficiency.

With the field of real estate development company VRM two main directions:

1. Find houses for sale, land for sale, house for rent for free at the request:

Do not activities in a "stork housing" company VRM activities in the form of its own, all of the customer are completely free, no worries, "shouted price" like the old days. Clients go to the company just need talk your request, the area should hire purchase, use purpose...the company will receive customer needs and to conduct source selectively available by the host consignment or search the land as required by the customer. After you have give at least three solutions best suited to customer requirements. Company staff leads guests into their homes to see the actual and support agreement prices with the host. The core rules of the company's do not put a price to customers that the price customers to negotiate with the host. If the two parties is completed, the company also supports legal procedural issues for the two sides.

So can see, with this new form, customers can fully secure entrust their needs to the company without much worry about price or contract issues... Access issues and find customers, the company also implemented a scientific marketing method based on the largest e-commerce sites in the real estate field.

2. Service consignment sale housing, rental housing:

Parallel to find rental housing services, the sale of land sold by the request is service received consignment house land. With this service, the company received any consignment sale housing, housing for rent from the landlord, then will conduct the appraisal price, market analysis and carry out marketing strategy outlined for the consignment.

All house and land consigned are authenticated marketing strategy own, so customer consigned also  rest assured in their housing consigned. The company is committed within 2 weeks to 1 month will solve house and land fastest consignment. However, other party rental search service is completely free, the service received house and land consigned will be charged: 1 month's rent for the lease (the Company is committed to long-term tenants contract at least 1 year or more). 1-2% depending on the area of land sold and the value of the land.

Effective, professional, quickly and quality is considered to be the first priority of service house and land general and company in particular. Always customer focus, built on the foundation of customer satisfaction and young staff, professional, conscientious, VRM company hopes will be the first choice of customers need rent, buy house, land in Da Nang, as well as having need consigned house and land  in Da Nang.



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