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Published 05-02-15 on 08:45


Today, it seems that every field, every product ... want to the majority of people known, to approach directly to consumers, it should be used to measure advertising, PR - Marketing. Field of real estate is not the exception, but must be strong marketing than ever. An apartment project wants to sell to the market, the need to use strategic advertising, marketing from the start until the sale of the apartment market. Or are we still often see promotions hit by car, hit by gold, hit by trip to Europe to buy land ... it's just one of those abilities advertising investor.

So, we can say that the marketing for the real estate market is indispensable, as the customer approaches the fastest, most efficient.

Captures the essential, VRM Communications Joint-stock Company developed the real estate marketing field styled new, more modern, more innovative and more efficient.

Instead of just have to hang banners, billboard ... across the street houses for sale, sale or lease of the land ...work is laborious but not high efficiency because only accessible to customers even in areas, customers outside the province or abroad, other areas ... will not be known. Now, the company VRM applying Marketing by use modern technology and the power of e-commerce websites, advertising quickly and more effectively, right approach customers and broad scope.   

To implement its strategic marketing company VRM consignment sale housing, rental housing.

When you come to mean the company is coming up with a systembroad marketing and the most modern, accessible to customers quickly and directly as possible. All information consigned of Guest will be the company plans to promote detail:

- Receipt of information: First, after receiving information consignment of customers, the company will implement the receipt and ensure the most effective marketing, customer fastest.

- Check the actual information: After receiving the consignment information, company staff will go the actual survey, check the exact address, route, routes appropriate to do: as economic business, trade or office or residential real photograph homes for sale, homes for rent.

- Evaluation procedures: After reviewing detail housing consignment, the company conducted consignment procedures for the home and receive a consignment of land, began marketing strategy.

- Needs Analysis: Analysis locations, roads, housing status, demand and market valuation.

- Marketing planning: After the completion of all stages of the evaluation, a marketing plan should be established including: advertising time, will be how long the ad for the consignment that? e-commerce site is posted, advertising? website advertising companies like? Reach customers and customer care how to bring effective and fastest product to the land consigned.

- Supports transactions and procedures: After the marketing and product consignment is resolved, the company will support the two sides traded, legal procedures, contracts ...

So, if you want two words "effective" then go to the VRM Communications Joint-stock Company , the company will help you choose the fastest way of advertising, the most effective approach to the the most creative marketing methods.

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