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Buying Penthouse Monarchy Danang apartment get a lot of benefits

Published 01-09-17 on 01:55

Buying Penthouse Monarchy Danang apartment get a lot of benefits

Currently, living in apartment is a trend that’s chosen by many people, especially young couples. Penthouse is always the priority number 1 because of the benefits it brings to customer.

First, what is the penthouse apartment?

A penthouse apartment or a penthouse is an apartment on the highest floor of an apartment building or a hotel. Penthouses are typically differentiated from other apartments by luxury features. The term penthouse originally referred to, and sometimes still does refer to, a separate smaller "house" that was constructed on the roof of an apartment building.

Like other Penthouse apartments, penthouse Monarchy Da Nang is specially designed, including many unique details not found in any other apartment in the same building:

1. Living space is luxurious and separate

Situated at the top floor of The Monarchy, Penthouse Monarchy is designed like a villa with a vast space. The fresh air, the great tranquility and the lagre terrace at the apartment, that would be desirable with only who want to own the apartment.

This type of apartment brings to the customer the feeling of being in a separate villa with beautiful natural scenery.

2. View is wide, airy and unrestricted

One of the advantages of the Penthouse Monarchy apartment is that it possesses infinite visibility, unrestricted space. From the terrca, you can see all the scenery of the city completely with new sensations, it seems the whole city will be smaller and compact in your eyes.

Each penthouse apartment has a large balcony (veranda) along the house surrounded by glass, it creating a rare relaxation space, the ideal place for customers to enjoy the panoramic view of Da Nang city and relatives enjoying the international fireworks performances.

View of Dragon Bridge from terrace at Penthouse Monarchy

3. Avoid dust pollution

Located on the 18th floor of the Monarchy, the place is clean and fresh, especially comfortable for people with respiratory diseases. You can breathe in the air everyday without worrying about inhaling so many bad smells from such as restaurants, gas stations, garbage and other agents. This helps to effectively protect the respiratory tract, while bringing good sleep, deep sleep for the whole family after hours of study, work stress.

 4. Avoid noise pollution

At the highest floor of the building, it will help you significantly reduce the stress, fatigue; the brain will be relaxed and relaxed.

 5. Limit insects

You always wished to live in a temperate climate? Penthouse Monarchy apartments will help your wishes come true. The apartment located in high floor will limit many dangerous insects such as mosquitoes, mice, cockroaches, ants, snakes ... These are the main species living in low humid areas and this is not available at Penthouse Monarchy.

 6. Save money, take advantage of natural energy.

The Penthouse Monarchy is uniquely designed: wide windows, dome system, large space ... so you can take advantage of natural energy including sun and wind to help owners of apartments will significantly  save the cost on electricity, energy.

7. Ensure safety

The owner of Penthouse Monarchy will be the obly person has the key card of elevator, it ensures private space, absolute security, protect the private life of your family. All apartments are protected 24/24 and professionally managed so customers are completely assured here.

In addition, all the neighborhood who live in this apartment building is knowledgeable, civilized, friendly and modern people. This is considered civilized society, high intellectuals.

 8. Increase life expectancy

The study above was conducted by scientists from Switzerland. Accordingly, people living in the 8th or higher floor are likely to have a 22% reduction in the risk of premature death compared to people living in shorter floor, with 40% less death from lung disease, and lower cardiovascular disease more than 35%.

People living in the shorter  floors are often affected by traffic noise and air pollution, relatively less summer flies and mosquitoes. Meanwhile, Penthouse Monarchy on the 18th floor can see the whole city. It brings a comfortable mood, quiet life, less dust and these help them live longer.

Simulate bedroom furniture at Monarchy

9. Preserve and increase the value of assets

Beside the need to enjoy the life, this place is full of increased property and investing money into real estate has always made the Penthouse Monarchy become an great idea. With nice location at the center Da Nang, between the two famous bridges of Da Nang: Dragon bridge and Tran Thi Ly bridge, located on the frontage of Tran Hung Dao street - tourist route and especially along the romantic Han river, Penthouse Monarchy guaranteed assure the good advantage to increase the value of the apartment. According to many experts, it is believed that in the future, as the city is increasingly focusing on tourism development, real estate prices in this region may increase several times higher than real estate prices in other areas. So, whether to enjoy life or to increase property, Penthouse Monarchy apartments are the great choice for every customer. 

10. Attractive investment channel

Not only bring the ideal life, people who buy Penthouse apartment in Danang also have the potential to make a profit.

Penthouse  Monarchy Da Nang will bring attractive profitability. These apartments will become scarce and have great potential that everyone wishes to live and invest.


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