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VRM Communications Join – stock Company with the purpose "Effective to all Home", we supply build home service in Da Nang city, including:

  -  Rough construction of house in Danang: Construction rough of house including: prepare materials and build foundation, underground pipe, the pressure bear systems, concrete roof, and cutting room but not yet cladding cement.

  -  Found Construction of houses in Danang: finished cladding cement, tiling floors, decorativing interior space; set up the lighting, power in the wall.

  - Arrange building employees in Danang: Includes round building employees and finished building employees.

Company to build a variety of construction projects such as:

  - Construction of house Construction of house Construction of house

  -  Construction of the villa in Da Nang Construction of houses

  - Construction of office Construction of houses Construction of houses

  - Construction of a café, restaurant space, shops. Construction of houses

Working Process:

  - Receiving the customer’s needs

  - Surveying, evaluating and notifying price which depending on the level of construction, area...

  - Constructing according to the given time

  - Checking - Examine and paying

Commit to:

                   "Quickly – Ensure - Cheap"


VRM Communications Joint-stock Company
Address: 96 Le Van Huu Street, My An Ward, Ngu Hanh Son District, Da Nang City
Phone:  +84.511.3950.345                        Hotline: +84.914.10.60.90
Website: www.vrm.com.vn                        Email: congtyvrm@gmail.com


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Hotline: 0914 10 60 90

96 Le Van Huu Street - My An Ward - Ngu Hanh Son District - Da Nang City.

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